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Student Employees And GTAs

What's Changed?

Active student employees and GTAs had their mailbox, calendar and contacts merged with their employee email account. All student emails will be forwarded to their UCF email account.  

All student employees and GTAs are now able to search internally for staff/faculty and student contact information directly in the Outlook global address list (GAL). 


UCF has seen its last new @knights email account!

Email Aliases

Students are now able to request that a new Student Email alias be created for their Student Email account!

For support on how to create a Student Email alias, please review the Knowledge Base article. Submit your request by clicking the applicable button below:


How to Sign in to Your Student Email

Our team has created a valuable resource, providing easy step-by-step instructions on how to log into your new student email account.

We highly encourage you to download and distribute this guide to anyone that you think would benefit from it. Feel free to print it as a handout, share it on social media or send it via email.



Having trouble logging into your new student email?

PLEASE NOTE: Do not sign into your new email account until you have received a confirmation email in your Knights Mail inbox from notifying you that your email has officially moved over.


From Summer 2023 through the beginning of Fall 2023, all students’ email addresses were migrated.

Your emails, calendars and contacts should have moved automatically. Microsoft Teams data did not move automatically. Email forwarding will automatically be enabled through the Fall 2023 semester.

You will need to complete the tasks outlined in the migration checklist. We also ask that you please sign into your and review the contents of the new folder titled “Knights Mailbox” in your inbox. This folder is where the data from your Knights email has been merged.

As part of the benefits to this migration, you now have more options for collaborating with your professors and classmates. You can find more information on collaborating in the How To section.

The migration process has completed and you will notice a new folder titled “Knights Mailbox” in your email inbox. This folder is where the data from your Knights email was merged into.

Student employees had their emails, calendars and contacts migrated over to their account to improve the collaborative experience between other students, staff and faculty. Messages sent to accounts will automatically be forwarded to the new accounts through the Fall 2023 semester.

Students can change their default sending address – the email name that appears when sending an email – by late August/early September. Additional communications will be shared once this process becomes available.

Student names and contact information will be listed in the UCF directory. Faculty/Staff and other students will be able to search for student contact info directly in Outlook.  

All emails sent to the email will be forwarded to your account, giving you time to switch the email address linked to your accounts. 

The email will be used for all official university communications. 

Mail will be forwarded from accounts to the accounts through the Fall 2023 semester. 

Student employees will no longer be able to access the email account after a designated date. 

There is no difference between the two terms. “Student Email” was traditionally used to refer to Knights email. “UCF Email” has been used when referring to the new email accounts students will be migrating to.

Going forward, the terms will be synonymous when referring to the email account used for all official UCF communications for students, staff and faculty.

O365 Email accounts will be available to students from the time they are accepted to UCF, through graduation. After graduation or the completion of the final enrolled semester, O365 Email access will remain active according to the following guidelines: one year for standard graduates and three years for international students.

Encountering issues with your account?

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Phone: 407.823.5117

Service Ticket: Click Here
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