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What IS changing?

Starting in March, UCF will begin a phased shutdown of all email accounts. After June 1, 2024, all remaining alumni and former students will no longer have access to their Knights accounts. Alumni, faculty, and former students with an active Knights Mail account will receive email communications from detailing the next steps on how to export emails and OneDrive data to their personal email before their scheduled cut-off date.

Why the change?

UCF has historically offered Knights accounts to former students and alumni as a courtesy without expiration. However, to remain in compliance with evolving technology standards, and to prevent unforeseen costs associated with Microsoft’s new data storage charges for Education customers, UCF will now limit University-issued Microsoft accounts to the following groups: admitted or currently enrolled students, faculty, support staff, and administrators.

Actions You May Want to Complete

If you have important messages or data saved in your account, you can transition to one of the many alternative content management and collaboration tools available. If you are not currently using your account and do not need to retain any of your data, no action is required on your part.

Look For Updates Sent To Your Knights Mail

Please keep an eye out for instructions sent to your Knights account from, notifying you of when your Knights Mail will be decommissioned and next steps.

Switch to an Alternative Email Account 

Consider creating a new email account with another provider or using a different existing account. Follow these steps to transfer your emails, calendar, and contacts from your Knights Mail before it is decommissioned,

Transfer Your Files 

Backup any important files you may have attached to a UCF Knights account. You can easily migrate your OneDrive data by following the steps found here.

Update Contact Information

Stay connected with UCF Alumni for the latest updates and events. Please visit the UCF Alumni website and fill out the form to update your contact details. 

Update Your Online Profiles

Please check the email address linked to any websites, services and tools that you use to confirm you are not using your address. These would include places like LinkedIn, Amazon, Spotify and more​

Stay In Touch!

For many of our alumni, your Knights Mail account is the only method we have to keep in contact with you. We ask that you please take a few moments to provide updated contact information to the UCF Alumni Association. 


As of June 1, UCF alumni, former students and faculty members with a Knights email address will no longer have access to their email account. All emails within the account as well as contacts, calendars and files stored on OneDrive will be deleted. Attempts to send email to this account will bounce back as “undeliverable.” If you are using a Microsoft program (like Word, Excel, etc) that is licensed through UCF, this will become inaccessible.

The decommissioning of the Knights Tenant at UCF, a step towards enhancing our IT services, has already begun. We understand the importance of this transition for all Knights mail users and are committed to completing this process with care and efficiency by June 2024. Email messages will be sent to affected accounts, providing specific information and time tables. This phased approach is designed to ensure a smooth and supportive migration for our university community.

Your emails, contacts, calendars, M365 Apps and OneDrive data will no longer be accessible. Additionally, for many of our alumni, Knights Mail is the only method we have to keep in contact. If that is the case for you, we may be unable to update you on upcoming Alumni events and important information.

All alumni, former students and faculty with a electronic mail account will receive an email notification from notifying them of the scheduled cutoff date along with recommended steps to complete.

Nothing. If you do not need to retain any data or emails from this account, no action on your part is required.

Following a trend among national universities, UCF’s decision is based on remaining compliant with evolving technology. UCF also sees this as an opportunity to establish long-term cost efficiencies related to Microsoft’s new data storage charges.

Emails, calendars and contacts from can be moved to an alternate account or provider by following these steps. You can easily move your OneDrive data by following these steps.

UCF alumni will no longer have access to their email account for life. Instead, recent alumni will be able to retain their email account for one year after graduation before the account is closed. UCF has seen a decreased usage in email, combined with the opportunity for long-term cost efficiencies and increased cyber security potential resulting in the decision to discontinue the lifetime alumni email service at UCF. In addition, this change follows the trend of other national universities discontinuing alumni email service, including the University of Florida. There is no option to purchase additional years or to provide an extension past June 1, 2024.

Microsoft accounts ending in will remain for you and other admitted or currently enrolled students, as well as current faculty,  support staff, and administrators. This decommissioning will only affect email accounts ending in

Alumni in active professional advisory roles with UCF are eligible to request a sponsored UCF email account. A UCF staff member must submit a ticket on your behalf to start the process. For more, visit our Sponsored Accounts page.

Update your account to another email address to avoid losing access or communication with these services.

Please take a moment to update your contact information here contact information here with  UCF Alumni and we’ll be in touch!
Shortly after you re-enroll, you will receive a new account. However, your Knights mail account will not be automatically migrated.
You still will need to manually backup the data and optionally import it into your new account when it becomes available.

You can set up email forwarding at any time before your Knights account closes on June 1, 2024. After this date, the option to establish forwarding will no longer be available. However, any forwarding set up prior to your account closure will remain in effect until October 1, 2024.

Please refer to this link on how to setup forwarding.

No, there is no option to purchase additional years or to provide an extension past June 1, 2024.

Alumni are responsible for backing up their own email and OneDrive data prior to their account closing.

This is likely because you are accessing your email through a web page.

Microsoft Outlook on the web does not provide a direct feature to export or download emails to a PST (Personal Storage Table) file. PST files are more commonly associated with the desktop version of Outlook. If you are using Outlook on the web, and you want to create a backup or export your emails, you will need to use the desktop version of Outlook to do so.

You will no longer have access to the following items attached to your Knights Mail account:

  • Microsoft 365 apps (like Word, Excel, Outlook, etc)
  • OneDrive cloud storage (account files)
  • Outlook email account (messages, calendar, contacts)
  • Please note that you may experience difficulties with any third-party service that uses your Knights email address
To provide feedback, CLICK HERE. If you have a specific question about the Knights Tenant Decommissioning, email us at SEMPROJECT@UCF.EDU