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Common Issues and Resolutions

Outlook Mobile App

Having trouble accessing your new email on your mobile device?

It is strongly recommended that you download the Outlook app to access email on your device, as this is supported by UCF IT. Follow these instructions to add your new email.

If you prefer to use your device email, follow the instructions below:

Blank Screen Logging Into Webmail

Are you seeing a blank page or an empty inbox when logging into your new email account?

This is a common account issue and is not specific to your device or browser.

  1. To resolve this, visit
  2. If the screen loads blank, click in the address bar and delete everything after "" and hit ENTER.
  3. You may need to do this twice, but once it loads correctly, you should not experience the issue again.
For more information on how to resolve the blank screen issue: read this KB article

MS Authenicator Issues

Having trouble authenticating with MS Authenticator and your new email address?

  1. Make sure you download the MS Authenticator application.We have a detailed Knowledge Base Article detailing this, click here to review it
  2. Do not delete it from your device. If you deleted the application, contact IT Support to reset it.
  3. Set up your phone number as a backup method.
For more information on how to set up Microsoft Authenticator: read this KB article.

500 Error When Trying to Log Into Knights Email

"Account Disabled", ", Account Disconnected", "Problem Connecting to Server" Messages

You will get these errors when you are trying to access your Knights Mailbox after Migration.

  • Account Disabled - 500 Error: You are trying to access your Knight's mail account after being migrated. Please open and enter your UCF credentials to log into the new email system.
  • Outlook “Disconnected” and "Problem Connecting to Server”: Configure Outlook to connect to your new account instead of
For more information on these issues: read this KB article.

Trouble logging into your
new student email?

PLEASE NOTE: Do not sign into your new email account until you have received a confirmation email in your Knights Mail inbox from notifying you that your email has officially moved over.

Email Migration:
Quick Facts

Have you just returned for the fall semester to hear about this change? Download this one-page flyer to get caught up to date and learn how to get support.

Encountering issues with your account?

— Click To Contact IT Support —

Phone: 407.823.5117

Service Ticket: Click Here
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