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UCF’s telephone service begins its transition from Microsoft Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams this Fall!
Click here to learn more about the benefits of Teams Calling and how the change will impact you.

UCF IT Telecommunications provides the technological backbone of the university. We design, install, support, and secure the telecommunications and network infrastructure for the entire UCF community. We provide high quality, reliable, cost effective, and innovative enterprise level communication solutions through various team including: Unified Communications, Network Services, Radio/DAS, and Installation Maintenance & Repair.  Requests for estimates or service must be submitted through the UCF IT Support Center.

Telecommunications Request Form (TRF)

UCF Faculty and Staff

UCF faculty and staff can now submit their telecom requests through ServiceNow by clicking on the button below. You will be require to login with your NID and NID password.


For non-employees and vendors please use this form. Right-click and ‘Save Link as…’

other forms

Telecom Price List FY 2021-2022

 Service Catalog                      Product or Service      Cost
VOIP-Teams MS UC Teams Voiceline$TBD
*Coming Soon43.40.21.028MS UC Audiocodes C450 (Skype/Native Teams)$350 per service UC Audiocodes Expansion Module (Requires C450)$180 per service
VOIP-Skype43.40.21.001MS UC SIP Voiceline$29.50 per month
VOIP-Cisco43.40.14.022Cisco IP 8945 (Basic Video Unit)$42.25 per month IP 9951 (Advanced Video Unit)$53.50 per month IP 8821 Wireless (Network Audit Required)$45.50 per month KEM Expansion Module$16.75 per month UC SIP Voice DID Endpoint$29.50 per month
Voicemail43.40.15.010Cisco Unity – Cisco Voicemail Box$10.00 per month Voicemail (Skype/Teams Only)$9.50 per month
Conference Stations43.40.14.013Cisco IP 8831 Conference Phone$58 per month UC Trio C60 Conferencing Station (Skype/Teams)$55 per month
Conference Services43.40.21.002Skype for Business Conference BridgeNo additional charge Conference Service (up to 20 participants) $0.10 per minute
Call Processing43.40.15.035Cisco Contact Center Pilot Number$29.50 per month Contact Center Agent / Supervisor$17 per month Data Custom Reporting$75 per service
*Coming Soon Anywhere365 Pilot Number (Teams only)$TBD
*Coming Soon Anywhere365 Agent / Supervisor (Teams only)$TBD
*Coming Soon Anywhere365 Recording (Teams only)$TBD
*Coming Soon Teams IVR Auto Attendant (Teams only)$TBD
Analog43.40.10.011eFax (individual send & receive faxes via email)$23 per month for Shared Departmental Account
$25 per month Secure (receive faxes via secure FTP server)$25 per month Line (incl. Fax)$39 per month Captioning Analog Phone (FCC Regulated)$39 per month
Services43.40.03.003Activate or Relocate a Phone Line$70 per service Install$37.50 per service Disconnect$37.50 per service Disconnect$37.50 per service Programming$37.50 per service Phone Number/Line$12 per month
CABLE TV Television ServiceService Retired ActivationService Retired
Handheld-Digital43.10.19.017Motorola XPR6500$19 per month XPR6550$19 per month
General Accessories43.10.19.003Rapid Charger (multi) – Radio$8 per month Headset$6 per month
Hotspot43.10.19.024Sprint Hotspot w/3GB Data Service$10 per month Port Activation (for existing wall jack)$50 per service Port Re-Activation$37.50 per service Port De-Activation$75 per service