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Your teamwork hub for group chats, online meetings, file collaboration, and more!

Access to software you need, any device, at any time, from any where.

Skype for Business phone service is an extension to Skype for Business that allows you to make and receive telephone calls from and to your UCF work number.

Qualtrics is the platform that the world’s most iconic companies use to close experience gaps and deliver breakthrough results.

From informational signs in your office, to way finding maps that direct students where to go, there is a solution that is right for your area.

Get connected into the most current and accurate research in the IT industry FREE!

Dynamic Forms provides a simple way for users to digitize paper.

The UCF Technology Product Center is Located in Tech Commons II. The TPC has been servicing the technology needs of UCF students, faculty, staff, and departments for 40 years.

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions Document is a part of each Service Level Agreement that details the provisions, requirements, responsibilities and standards related to the services we offer. The Terms and Conditions document should be read and understood before signing the Service Level Agreement.  Before using the hosted Data Center service, customers are strongly advised to read through the Hosted Data Center Policies and Procedures.

Service Level Targets

When you create a ticket with us, we categorize them as either service requests or incidents. Service requests are submitted to request something new or modify the original provisioning of an existing service, hardware device, or software component. Incidents are submitted when something is broken or functioning in a degraded manner in an existing service.

In general, we consider incidents higher priority since they represent an interruption in the service(s) we provide that you need to get your work done.  To help us provide better service, we use Service Level Targets (SLTs) for incidents and service requests.

Why Service Level Targets?

We use SLTs to measure our performance as a service provider as well as to provide transparency to our customers. SLTs communicate our expected incident resolution or service request fulfillment times. While not all incidents or service requests are resolved or fulfilled within the reflected target times, we are committed to allocating the appropriate resources to meet the needs of our customers.

Current Incident Service Level Targets

Business Impact
Resolution Time *


Prevents ability to perform job function

  • Impacts an instructor led Classroom

Immediate resolution required

  • No work around (at a job function standstill)
  • Unable to perform limited/other job duties

All immediate and sustained effort using ALL required resources until resolved

1 Hour

Prevents ability to perform job function

  • Impacts the entire University, entire building or delivery of patient care

Immediate resolution required

  • No work around (at a job function standstill)
  • Unable to perform limited/other job duties

All immediate and sustained effort using ALL required resources until resolved

4 Hours


Prevents ability to perform job function

  • Impacts one or multiple users


Priority to resolve as soon as possible post mitigation of higher prioritized issues

  • No work around (at a job function standstill)
  • Unable to perform limited/other job duties

Assess the situation, may interrupt other resources working lower priority issues for assistance

1 Business Day


Reduces job productivity and/or capacity

  • Impacts University, an entire building or one or multiple users

Immediate resolution NOT required

  • Still able to perform limited/other job duties

Respond using standard procedures and operating within normal supervisory management structures

3 Business Days

* The SLT resolution time reflected is on average and not all incidents will be resolved within this time.

Current request Service Level Targets

Service Offering
Business Days to Fulfillment *
  • Access to Terminated Email Account
  • Roles and Resources
  • Deprovision Email Account
  • Distributions Group Change
  • Door & Traka Box Access
  • ISO Application Access Request
  • Knights Email Address Change
  • Listserv Broadcast Emails
  • Loaner Equipment
  • Microsoft Teams
  • ServiceNow Report or Homepage Request
  • ServiceNow User & Group Management
  • SSL Certificate
  • Sudo Access for Oracle DB
  • Pinnacle Request

2 Days

  • Dynamic Forms User & Organization Management
  • Endpoint User Access
  • NAS/NSF, Physical SAN
  • Phonebook Assistance
  • Protect Your myUCF account with Multi-factor Authentication
  • Request for Microsoft Team Name Change
  • Security Risk Assessment
  • SecurityCenter Report Management
  • Shared Services Consultation

3 Days

  • Absolute Data and Device Security Asset Management
  • Active Directory Provision/De-Provision
  • Add, Remove, or Reset Admin Account
  • Application User Access
  • DHCP Tool User Maintenance
  • F5 Application Delivery
  • Listserv Owner Training Course Access
  • New Titanium User Access
  • Qualtrics Survey Platform Assistance
  • SharePoint Access
  • Sudo Access for RedHat Linux
  • Virtual Machine Snapshot

4 Days

  • Active Directory Change
  • AppSense
  • Azure Work
  • Backup Restore VM API (Granular)
  • Backup Services
  • Call Block Request
  • Dropbox Advanced
  • Software Packaging and Deployment
  • Configuration Manager Shared Services
  • IPAM Request
  • IT Consultation
  • Listserv General Requests
  • Listserv Create, Change,  or Remove
  • MySQL Database
  • Non-internet Facing DNS
  • ServiceNow Request Management
  • Sharepoint Site Migrations
  • Software Request
  • Windows Server Access

5 Days

  • General Request
  • Linux SFTP/SSH (Port 22) Access
  • Linux Services Support
  • Virtual Machine Change

6 Days

  • Airwatch Mobile Device Management
  • CrashPlan Endpoint Backup
  • DHCP Scope Provisioning and Maintenance
  • DocuSign Onboarding
  • DocuSign Security & Organization Changes
  • Dynamic Forms Onboarding
  • Microsoft SQL Database Support
  • NSX Network Request
  • Office 365 Shared Mailbox
  • Secret Server Request

7 Days

  • Oracle Database Support
  • Public Firewall/DNS Request
  • UCF Connect Event Support

8 Days

  • Hardware Request
  • Information Security Consulting Request
  • Internal Firewall Request
  • New Shared Folder
  • Q Drive Request
  • Security Awareness and Education
  • Server Software Change
  • UCF IT FourWinds Request
  • Vulnerability Disclosure

10 Days

  • Data File Exchange Support via SFTP

12 Days

  • Microsoft Teams External Application Connector

13 Days

  • Virtual Machine Create

14 Days

  • VLAN Management
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Work
  • Cloud Consultation

15 Days

  • Network Consulting Services
  • Vendor Risk Management (VRM)

20 Days

  • Virtual Machine Decommission

25 Days

  • Add a Windows server to the manual update group
  • Federated Identity SSO Request
  • NID Account Access De-provision Request
  • Offensive Security Services
  • Physical Server Hosting
  • Project Management Services
  • Protect Your Application or Service with Multi-factor Authentication
  • Protect Your Enterprise Microsoft M365 with Multi-factor Authentication
  • Public Records Request
  • Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • Sponsored Account Application Support
  • UCF Apps 
  • Zoom App Marketplace Request

30 Days

  • RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Equipment

45 Days

* The SLT days (business days) to fulfillment reflected is on average and not all requests will be fulfilled within this time.