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telephone service - Microsoft Teams CallING

Microsoft Teams Calling is the digital phone solution for making and receiving calls. Teams Calling, featuring an internet based, mobile-first calling experience with the ability to call any one, from anywhere, at any time.


All UCF departments, direct service organizations, and private vendors/companies that provide support services to the University. UCF entities and direct service organizations located on the Orlando campus, the regional campuses, the Central Florida Research Park, and other UCF colleges located on remote campuses (e.g., Rosen College, UCF Medical Campus at Lake Nona, etc.). Microsoft Teams calling requires an A5 licensed Office 365 account.


Teams Calling $29.50 monthly – Setup Cost $0.00 
optional Voicemail $9.50 monthly – Setup Cost $37.50


There are a variety of equipment options that may be purchased through the university, including wireless and wired headsets with single and dual earpieces, conference style speakers, and Microsoft Teams-certified desk phones (by approval).

Sometimes, the best device is your own device. For enhanced personal flexibility, you can connect with peers and colleagues through Microsoft Teams using any headset or personal device wherever your UCF Teams account is installed. Using a personal device is your choice, as well as your responsibility.

Click here to view all Microsoft Teams certified headsets


Eligibility Guidelines for a Deskphone

  1. Users who have specific ADA requirements where portable headsets or speakers cannot be used.
  2. Shared phone lines staffed by more than one individual or multiple student workers. (including common area lines, lobby phones, shared staff offices, business and staff spaces)  
  3. Phones in front desk or reception areas where 5-digit extension calls are the main method of communication. 
  4. Outside vendors and UCF dotcom customers who do not qualify for a Microsoft Teams license (i.e., security concerns allowing vendors to use a Teams soft client)
  5. Individuals who do not have a computer/computer equipment with the ability to connect a speaker and microphone, or headset/portable speaker. 
  6. Outdated computer equipment that does not support the Microsoft Teams platform. 
  7. Common area spaces that host guest or visitor phone lines. 
  8. Office locations or high traffic areas where headsets cannot be secured or locked in an office or desk/cabinet. 
  9. Offices, Labs and spaces requiring security compliance.
  10. Police Department and Emergency Operations Centers requiring CJIS compliance, and their supporting staff and facilities.
  11. Athletics events or campus special events requiring space rentals or reservations.
  12. Health Facilities and locations requiring HIPPA compliance for medical personnel.
  13. Campus Executive Leadership or VIP areas designated by department Managers, Deans or Directors.

Equipment Recommendations for Individual Use
The recommended configuration for Teams calls for individuals is a laptop or desktop computer, cell phone, tablet, or other mobile device, with the Teams application installed. To make and receive calls in Teams, computer equipment must have a speaker and microphone. Using a connected (wired or wireless) portable headset or speaker may also be used to make and receive Teams calls. Both UCF and Microsoft strongly discourage the use of a traditional deskphones with Microsoft Teams as it reduces mobility and flexibility for individuals, as well as it limits the ability of individuals to leverage many of the additional features available via the full Teams application.

Handset Installation 

Due to the physical connectivity of deskphone equipment, Teams-certified handsets must be hard wired through an active powered internet port. Only Teams-certified handsets procured through UCF IT Telecommunications will be supported on the UCF network. Unapproved handsets will not be supported on Microsoft Teams calls.


The Audiocodes C455 is UCF’s Teams calls-certified handset for use in eligible situations. Operates on the Android platform and is not a traditional “landline phone.” Requires a powered ethernet port for setup on each department’s internet network.

Get a multi-page expansion module for your AudioCodes C455 to give you more speed dial keys. The display enables simple configuration of the line keys, as well as presence information using colors.

The Audiocodes C470 is UCF’s executive high-end business phone for Microsoft Teams for use in eligible situations. Operates on the Android platform and is not a traditional “landline phone.” Requires a powered ethernet port for setup on each department’s internet network.

conference phone

The Polycom Trio C60 is UCF’s Teams smart conference phone for any meeting space with integrated Bluetooth and USB audio device port for content sharing. Requires an additional Microsoft Teams Meeting Room license and powered ethernet port for setup on each department’s internet network.


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