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Most new computers today come with a pre-installed anti-virus package. Generally this is a limited or trial version that will only work for a limited time. You must ensure your computer and other network devices are running an anti-virus program that is actively monitoring your device(s) and not expired.

The Use of Information Technologies and Resources policy, listed at, states that all systems and devices (including those on ResNet) connected to the University network must have an anti-virus software package installed and kept up-to-date.


You may choose to purchase an antivirus program, or download a free one like:


Online Removal Tools from Symantec and Trend Micro — These tools will scan your PC for infection with no installation.

McAfee Stinger Removal Tool — This tool is designed to scan for a variety of virus infections and remove any virus that it finds.

Declining to run any antivirus software will constitute a breach of the University Antivirus Standard, and your network connection may be terminated!