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Only one device may be connected to a ResNet port at one time. Do not use hubs, routers, or any switches in a dorm room. See ResNet Restricted Network Devices.

The most important piece of equipment you will need is a standard (straight-through) Ethernet cable to connect the computer/device to wall jack. Any device you wish to connect to ResNet will need to be equipped with a 100Mb Ethernet interface. Most new computers will meet this requirement.

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Yes, all dorms rooms have access to the UCF_WPA2 network to connect wirelessly, using your NID and NID password. Please note, there is no registration required for access to the wireless network. For more information on how to connect to the UCF_WPA2 wireless network, click here.

Yes, the ResNet wireless network uses enterprise wireless and some devices are unable to connect.  Below is a list of devices that will be unable to connect to ResNet wireless:

  • Gaming consoles
  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire
  • Google Chromecast
  • Smart TVs
  • Sonos
  • Amazon Echo
  • Wireless printers

Please check the following:

  • Did you sign on to ResNet and mark yourself back from break?
  • If you got a new computer, or had your computer repaired, the physical address will be different and needs to be registered. Learn more on the Registration page.

All ResNet ports support 10/100Mb switched ethernet. In some rare cases, a computer may not be able to negotiate a 100Mb connection. In these rare cases the computer can be forced to run at 10Mb with no discernable impact to the user.

No, the ResNet User Agreement clearly states that the use of P2P file sharing applications to distribute copyrighted materials is strictly prohibited. Furthermore, the use of P2P file sharing applications constitutes the establishment of a network server. All network servers must be registered and approved by the UCF Network Services as per University policy 2018, part II, section N. 

The ResNet AUP does not prohibit users from participating in online gaming services and the Network Services does not take any action to prevent the functionality of online games. However, some online games have difficulty communicating through the ResNet firewall and may not function properly on ResNet. The Network Services will not make accommodations to provide support for online games. If a particular title does not function, the user will need to seek support from the title’s manufacturer.

Contact the UCF IT Support Center by phone at 407-823-5117 or by email at