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The Service Management Solutions (SMS) team administrates and supports the technology of the IT Performance and Service Management Office. This team serves a vital role in developing and supporting the ITSM (ServiceNow) and telecommunications billing/work order (Pinnacle) applications. Without these applications operational, the entire university would be adversely impacted.

Customers rely on both ServiceNow and Pinnacle for everyday work to be fulfilled or issues to be resolved. The Service Management Solutions team understands the criticality of these services and vows to provide the most efficient, effective and consistent application and platform support and solutions.

By focusing on developing the technology around the defined processes, the SMS team have created these platforms to provide a seamless customer experience enabling streamlined delivery of IT services and business insights.

With the customer in mind, the SMS team serves the UCF IT and university community. SMS service goals include:

  • Continually assessing and improving UCF IT’s Service Management, Business Management, or Operations Management practices by using best-in-class framework(s)
  • Optimizing ServiceNow and Pinnacle by developing/maintaining a roadmap that includes strategy for phased ITIL process and ServiceNow/Pinnacle application deployment
  • Providing empowering and innovative solutions for customers to deliver and/or consume UCF IT/Non-UCF IT services

technologies we support

By focusing on developing the technology around the defined processes, the SMS team has created these platforms to provide a seamless customer experience enabling streamlined delivery of IT services and business insights.


ServiceNow, is a reliable, scalable platform-as-service (PaaS) developed initially for IT Service Management. The platform has now expanded into a service automation platform perfect for enterprise service management. ServiceNow specializes in IT services management (ITSM), IT operations management (ITOM) and IT business management (ITBM).The platform has now expanded into a service automation platform perfect for enterprise service management. 

The platform is centered on a “service model” that facilitates process efficiencies such as root cause of service issues/issue resolution, service request fulfillment and customer self-service. ServiceNow’s tasks, activities and processes occur as cloud services, overseen as part of a comprehensive managed workflow that supports real-time communication, collaboration and resource sharing. 

ServiceNow helps the university consolidate or eliminate incompatible or redundant business processes that help reduce costs and complexity to support the overall enterprise driving optimization and growth.

Using ServiceNow asserts many enterprise benefits such as:

  • A single, simple, secure and proven cloud-based platform that’s “business-ready” and “IT-friendly”
  • A firm, proven foundation for consolidation and support of current and new shared services and line of business applications
  • A vast ecosystem of knowledge, partners and users from global implementations to draw upon for experience, information and inspiration

For additional information regarding the platform (including platform onboarding or licensing information), please reach out to the UCF IT Performance and Service Management Office.


Pinnacle is the Telecommunications Management Suite for UCF IT.  Pinnacle provides a comprehensive space for telecommunications service management.  The application handles billing invoices, inventory management, call record processing, as well as being a service order and incident ticketing system.  Customers can submit service orders for moves, adds, changes, or disconnects for services such as phones, voicemail, data circuits, Skype voice lines, radios and more.  Pinnacle billing invoices are available monthly and customers can login and view their monthly charges and call records.  The Pinnacle database is a valuable resource for maintaining service history and reporting on revenue and expenses.

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  • Agent Workspace (New Call EOL)
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Scheduling App
  • Contact Center Solution Integration
  • AIOps/IT Operations Management
  • Lifecycle and Contract Management
  • Snaplogic/PeopleSoft Integration (Web Service Deprecation)
  • Self-Service Portal 2.0
  • App Development
  • Citizen Developer Onboarding
  • Upgrade to Quebec
  • Walk-up Experience 
  • Pinnacle and ServiceNow Integration/Automation
  • Chatbot
  • Mobile App (Fulfillers)
  • “SLA” Shared Services Process – Phase 2+
  • COVID-19 Self-Checker App for Students, Faculty and Staff
  • Upgrade to Orlando
  • ATF (Automated Test Framework) Implementation
  • Telecom Incident and Requests to ServiceNow
  • Archibus to ServiceNow Flat File Integration
  • SLAs to Service Requests
  • Service Portal Enhancements
  • Global Task SLA Repair Solution
  • Employee Only Knowledge Base



  • “SLA” Shared Services Process – Phase 1
  • UCF Foundation to ServiceNow 
  • New Unit & Sub Unit Process/Routing 
  • Support Zone “0” 
  • UCF IT Downtown 
  • Upgrade to Madrid
  • Self-Service Portal
    • My Tickets and Notification Actions
    • Formatting -> UCF IT Website
    • Ticket Reopen Functionality
  • AD Integration
  • Dynamic Footer Emails
  • Completed Software and Hardware Consolidation Request
  • Completed Phase 1 of the Cohort 2 Integration
  • Configured/Replicated Survey functionality from Qualtrics to ServiceNow
  • Completed DAL Integration
  • Completed TPC Order form using the DAL integration
  • Email notification updates
  • Completed the Canvas Integration for CDL
  • Configured initial connection between ServiceNow and Pinnacle
  • Upgraded ServiceNow to Kingston



  • Migrated remainder of Cohort 1 into ServiceNow
  • Email integration into the ServiceNow New Call Form
  • Upgraded to Istanbul
  • Created Planned Maintenance/Change/Freeze integrated Calendar
  • Created Maintenance/Announcements/Service Alerts application to allow UCF IT Communications to make posts to the Service Portal
  • Setup Business Center/HR in ServiceNow
  • Integrated ServiceNow with a DAL list export that is provided daily
  • Two upgrades – Geneva and Helsinki
  • Technology Commons Check- In Application
  • Migration of College of Sciences and SDES from Cherwell to ServiceNow
  • Migration of College of Medicine IT from their internal IT tracking system to ServiceNow
  • Redesign of the ServiceNow Customer Portal