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To achieve our mission to “support UCF’s mission and goals by providing reliable, dynamic and innovative IT services,” UCF IT has developed a Business Relationship Management function. Business Relationship Management is the process that enables Business Relationship Managers (BRM) to provide open communication between UCF IT and the colleges and divisions at the strategic and tactical levels.  The BRMs strive to understand the college and division strategies and goals and to ensure UCF IT services are in alignment.

The BRM team provides the capability to identify innovate methods and solutions in academic teaching technology to enhance our researcher’s capability.  Leveraging UCF IT’s extensive technological abilities and a deep understanding of the unique challenges presented to researchers the BRM team provides a mechanism for UCF IT to provide services to our research community.

"Student Accessibility Services worked with UCF IT on upgrading technology for their speech to text captioning services. The new laptops identified will greatly improve our captionist's ability to provide quality service and access to students who are deaf and hard of hearing. The iPads students will now be using will have a smaller footprint and as a result will be easier for students to work with on the desks in their classes. This combination will greatly improve classroom access for these students."
Don Pirozzoli
M.S., Accessibility Consultant, Student Accessibility Services

Contact your Business Relationship Manager below to begin the dialog on how UCF IT can assist you in achieving your goals and objectives. If your area is not listed, please contact Joseph Alcala at for assistance.

Meet Our Team

Terry Wheeler


Burnett Honors College,

College of Business

Administration, and

College of Sciences

Joel Lavoie


UCF Libraries, Division of

Digital Learning, Office of

Instructional Resources,

 and UCF Connect

Bryce Jackson


College of Arts & Humanities

Larry Jaffe


College of Community

Innovation and Education,

UCF Downtown, Student

Development and Enrollment

Services, and UCF Foundation

Bryan Sevinger


College of Health Professions

and Sciences, Division of

Student Learning and

Academic Success, Student

Health Services, and UCF

Human Resources