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In support of the UCF IT mission to “provide reliable, dynamic and innovative IT services to our students, faculty and staff”, we offer an extensive portfolio of services to our partners at the university.  These range from telecommunications & networking, the latest cloud based infrastructure and software services, and augmented IT staffing.  Our Business Relationship Managers can help to identify your needs and determine the services and scale to meet your objectives.

Currently Shared Services manages over 100 agreements with over 650 services utilized by our university partners. These agreements include research, academic, and administrative units subscribing to services provided by UCF IT to meet their objectives. Shared Services also tracks resources consumed by internal information technology units to identify services underutilized, current consumption by service, and provide an estimated value to deliver our services.

Upon subscribing to our services, our partners will receive a customized Service Level Agreement outlining the services provided by UCF IT. The UCF IT Terms and Conditions can be reviewed below.

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions Document is a part of each Service Level Agreement that details the provisions, requirements, responsibilities and standards related to the services we offer. The Terms and Conditions document should be read and understood before signing the Service Level Agreement.  Before using the hosted Data Center service, customers are strongly advised to read through the Hosted Data Center Policies and Procedures.