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UCF IT is implementing Apptio’s Technology Business Management (TBM) suite of applications and business analytics to provide UCF colleges and divisions with facts and insights about technology cost, value and quality, and operational efficiency, as well as comparative bench marking to peer institutions. The primary project deliverable is a cost analytics database that takes data directly from UCF financial, operational and billing systems, and power applications that provide the UCF community deep insight into cost and consumption.


There is no facet of university life that is not impacted by technology, no budget at any level in the university that does not include spending on technology, but also few tools that support university leadership in aligning IT spending to strategic goals and outcomes. 

TBM is a framework and discipline that translates IT spending, consumption, and capacity into meaningful perspectives for university decision-makers. The discipline of TBM provides a systematic approach to maximizing the value of IT investments by enabling university leaders in administration, finance and IT to collaborate and engage in meaningful conversations about the trade-offs between cost, consumption, capacity, performance, features, benefits and risk in both current and planned technology spending.


  • Build an accessible and actionable cost analytics database
  • Translate IT spending and costs into terms relatable to Non-IT audiences
  • Support value discussions on the trade-offs in terms of cost, consumption, capacity,performance, features, benefits and risk
  • Benchmark UCF IT costs against peer institutions
  • Create accounting-based views of IT spending
  • Create IT-based views of IT spending
  • Create user-based views of IT spending
  • Create costing rates for IT services
  • Capture IT consumption by college/division
  • Deliver IT cost and cost drivers by college/division
  • Publish dashboards with drilldown capabilities to colleges and divisions


  • Implement Apptio IT Financial Management service
  • Implement Apptio Cost Transparency service
  • Implement Apptio Bench marking service
  • Implement Apptio Bill of IT service


Phase I – Cost Transparency Foundation
Understand technology operating costs, capital investments and what is driving them

  • Produce a standard cost model with unit costs by IT resource (compute, storage, network etc.)
  • Provide a single, consolidated view leveraging a repeatable process of data integrations, transformations and value-add analytics

Phase II – Infrastructure Benchmarking
Benchmark against university peers, IT infrastructure and IT investments

  • Benchmarking by cost pool, IT resource tower and infrastructure service

Phase III – Showback/Chargeback Analytics
Manage the cost of IT with a defensible strategy and empower university leaders with the right information to make decision

  • Calculate monthly consumption and expense by college and division
  • Analysis of IT cost drivers
  • Reporting / Dashboard capabilities / Drilldown capabilities


Project Start: July 2019

Project End: June 2020


Project Sponsors
Alan Stevens
IT Services Strategy Director
Project Executive Sponsors
Aaron Streimish
Executive Director Strategy & Planning
Project Manager
Pamela Barkman
Program & Planning Manager