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As previously mentioned, the Test Scoring office will also scan surveys that have been filled out on scantron bubble forms and provide additional data analysis if requested. We recommend/prefer you use the standard UCF raspberry form for all surveys. We are capable of reading other Scantron brand bubble forms compatible with their inSight 150 scanning machine, but other forms will require additional time to be programmed, unless it is one we have already encountered before.

Survey processing may take up to two weeks for completion, depending on setup time, the quantity of surveys to be scanned, the complexity of any additional requested data analysis, and how many higher priority quizzes and tests we have in our queue at that time. Smaller survey jobs can usually be done fairly quickly though, especially if you just want the responses without any data analysis.

Output will, at a minimum, consist of one or more comma-separated raw data text files (.csv) containing the responses. These can be easily imported into Excel, SPSS, or many other popular software titles. If you request data analysis as well, we can provide frequency tables showing the number of each response to each question. Additional statistics such as means, std deviations, etc can only be generated for numerical data. Forms that use ABCDE responses would require a numerical response mapping before those statistics can be calculated, and such mappings are typically only meaningful for Likert scales. Two of the most common response mappings are A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, E=5  or A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, E =1.

For additional information regarding survey processing, please contact the Test Scoring office at 407-823-5493 or email for assistance.