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Captioned Telephone (or CapTel for short) is a new telephone technology that allows people to receive word-for-word captions of their telephone conversations.With most CapTel models, just make sure the CAPTIONS light is on and any incoming/outgoing calls will have captions. If the CAPTIONS light is off, just press the button to turn CAPTIONS on. (Applies to CapTel 840i /880i/ 2400i). The Captioned Telephone requires a customized, built-in display screen to show the captions properly together with highly sophisticated electronics and software to handle both the voice and text.

Captions can be turned on/off as needed

Callers dial your number directly

Built-in Answering Machine

Phone book to store frequently called numbers (95+ names)

WiFi compatible

Captions appear automatically on all calls – incoming and outgoing. No need for callers to dial through the Captioning Service.

Wi-Fi compatible to position anywhere within your wireless network range

Captions can be turned on or off at any time in a call.

Built-in Answering Machine takes voice messages with captions

Large, easy-to-read captions window with adjustable font sizes and colors.

Display screen tilts for comfortable reading or lies flat to mount the phone on a wall.

Adjustable volume control (up to 40dB gain) for captioned calls. Volume button is easy to see and adjust during a call.

One-touch access to CapTel Customer Service (speed dial button automatically connects you to CapTel Help Line).

Easy-to-follow menu system with Yes/No questions.

Phone Book allows you to easily store and dial more than 95 names/phone numbers.

Speed dial keys for one-touch dialing of frequently called numbers.

Caller-ID capable – shows you who is calling directly on display screen.

Captions available on calls within the United States only.



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All UCF departments.

Service Availability Locations

All UCF campuses and Research Park

Service Owner

Unified Communications

Service Category

Phone – Analog

Service Unit

UCF IT Telecommunications