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  • At the end of the scanning process, your scores are uploaded to the Canvas system, which should automatically create the column in your gradebook. If your scores do not appear online automatically, please contact the Test Scoring office for assistance.
  • A score of -1 indicates no score was uploaded for that student, for one of the following reasons:
    • The student did not take the test
    • The student did not fill in their UCFID correctly
    • The student did not fill in their test version on a multi-version test
    • the student’s answer sheet was not able to be scanned due to damage, stray marks, or was not the pink raspberry UCF scantron form.
  • A set of reports is automatically generated for every submission that has been scanned. The summary/error report is currently printed automatically for all classes, but the individual student reports are only printed if requested. The summary/error report contains important information and should be reviewed as soon as possible in order to identify errors.

Summary Report

The first page contains a brief overview of your results, including the number of forms scanned, the number of answer keys, the maximum score possible, and a count for each type of error commonly found during the scanning process.

Error Report

The error report lists the specific details of every error.

  • Students whose UCFIDs were not found on any form (they receive a -1 for their score).
  • Forms that were not able to be matched to a student. Each form gets a unique serial number printed on it during scanning, and this number will appear on the report along with that form’s score for any one that was not matched. You should look in the stack of answer sheets to see who the form belongs to and then manually upload their score.
  • Forms that did not have a version specified when multiple versions existed will be listed here as well, along with the scores they would have received if graded against each answer key. If the scores vary significantly, the highest score will usually be the correct one.


The next section contains an entry for every student in the class roster, along with their score. Any students not appearing in this list were not in the enrollment records when they were received by Test Scoring Services at the start of the semester, but may be added by sending a request to containing the student’s name, UCFID, and NID.

Statistics and Item Analyses

These pages will show the average test score for each answer key, as well as the following item analyses:

  • For each question, the percentage of students that answered the question correctly.
  • For each question, percentages showing the popularity of each answer letter.

Individual Student Reports

The individual student reports contain each student’s answers to every question, and indicate which ones were wrong.