Network Services Policies

The root policies that govern all information technology use can be found at:
Information Technologies & Resources (IT&R) Policies

Network Services is responsible for the design, throughput, availability, and overall health for the University’s entire networking infrastructure hardware which makes all computing systems, software, and networks the above policies pertain to communicate.

The following policies are written to govern what is considered acceptable use of the network to ensure the most usable and reliable network possible for the largest number of users.

Server Policies

Anyone on campus who wants to run a server of any kind must review and implement the procedures found on the Intranet site before doing so. Servers must also pass a vulnerability scan and be registered on the Intranet site before being put into production. Any unregistered or unsecured server found on the UCF LAN will be disconnected, and the department or student reprimanded.

Protocol Policies

At this time, Network Services is trying to convert all LAN traffic to an IP ONLY based structure. All services using protocols other than TCP/IP need to be converted or shutdown to help maintain network performance and integrity.

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