IT Professionals Committee

Committee Members

  • Felicia Kendall
    UCF IT
  • Scott Baron
    UCF IT
  • Chad Macuszonok
    Office of Research
  • Jim Barnes
    Communications & Marketing
  • Fabiana Staton
    UCF IT
  • Lisa Isham
    UCF IT
  • Craig Anderson
    College of Medicine
  • Bob Mello
    UCF IT
  • Carlos Chardon
    Finance & Accounting
  • Pedro Cordero
    College of Engineering and Computer Science
  • Brian Graham
    Graduate Studies
  • Elisabeth Greenwood
    Center for Distributed Learning
  • Adnan Hameed
    Information Security Office
  • Joel Lavoie
    UCF IT
  • Becky Moulton
    Human Resources
  • Fred Okumu
    Rosen College of Hospitality Management


The mission of IT Professionals Committee is to review the strategic and operational needs of service delivery to UCF utilizing technology. The committee will work to establish a comprehensive UCF IT community by identifying areas of opportunity to enhance capability, efficiency, effectiveness and consistency through a transparent process. This mission is institution-wide, and will be accomplished through:

  • strategic alignment of IT investments and projects with university goals and objectives;
  • risk management to ensure that IT initiatives are consistent with UCF’s risk posture;
  • value delivery in the form of economic, performance, efficiency, competitive, or other advantages to the university or one or more of its constituent parts; and
  • resource management improvements to be achieved through increased use of standards and IT shared services.