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IMPORTANT MESSAGE REGARDING FORM COMPATIBILITY: The Test Scoring office can only grade quizzes and tests that are filled out on the pink/raspberry Scantron form with the UCF Pegasus logo (Scantron Form No. 209161). This answer form is double sided, supports up to 100 questions, up to 4 different test versions (A,B,C, or D), and may be filled out with a pencil or with blue or black ink.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE REGARDING GRADE MUTING: In July (2019), Canvas made a change to their software that affects how grades are muted and released in the UCF WebCourses gradebooks. If you create the gradebook column yourself and do not want the scores to be immediately visible to your students, you must change the Grade Posting Policy to “Manual” before Test Scoring uploads them. The default is “Automatic” release. In the past, this could be changed during the Test Scoring / Webcourses posting process, but this is currently no longer possible due to the change. Also, once the scores have been released, you will not be able to hide them again. However, if you do not create the gradebook column yourself in advance, you can allow us to create it for you during the posting process, and the scores will still be correctly hidden until you release them.

We are not allowed to respond to student or parent requests for information. All inquiries must come from the instructor or an authorized teaching assistant.

Instructors or other designated individuals can bring the quiz, test, or exam answer sheets to the main Computer Operations office in the College of Sciences building, room 106. A Request form will need to be filled out for each class section, either in advance, or at the office during the intake process. Then everything should be handed to a staff member to be logged in. If the materials are placed directly in the inbox without being logged in by a staff member, they could potentially get lost or the processing may be delayed.

Quizzes, tests, and exams are typically graded in the order in which they are received, unless there are any problems with the submission. Our goal is to always have them graded within 2 business days, but are usually done much sooner, sometimes even the same day. 

As long as the students bubble in their correct UCF ID numbers on their answer sheets, their scores can be uploaded to your UCF Webcourses gradebook automatically. Any forms with incorrect, partial, or missing UCF ID numbers will still be graded, but you will have to enter those into your gradebook manually.

Instead of uploading the raw scores, we also offer the option of assigning one or more different point values to your questions. We can do integers (questions worth 2 points each, 3 points each, etc.) and also decimal values (questions worth 2.5 pts each, for instance). Just mention your preferences in the Special Instructions section of the request form. 

While other departments may use scanning machines that are capable of printing on the entire Scantron form, our machine processes forms at such a high speed that that is no longer possible. Instead, only a serial number is printed on the edge of each form as it passes through the machine. The Test Scoring program then creates two Adobe Acrobat report files (.pdf) containing the results. The first report file includes the Summary, the Error Report, the Blanks Report, the scores for each student, and the Item Analyses (a set of statistics for each test question and version that can be used to identify potential errors on the answer keys). This report is always printed and returned in an envelope along with your other materials. The second report file is called the “Individual Student Reports” (ISRs) and in order to save on paper costs, will not be printed unless you specifically mark that checkbox on the request form. This file contains a separate page for each student showing their score and their answers to every test question. These reports are the only way to identify which questions a student did not get credit for, either due to a wrong answer, or not bubbling an answer dark enough to be detected. We can also copy all of your results files to a USB drive if you provide one or bring one with you later, and we are working on a way to eventually upload all of those files directly to your UCF Webcourses.

Any complicated or unusual requests may potentially delay processing and turnaround times.

What we will need from you:

  • (required) the students’ answer forms. They should be stacked neatly together, facing the same direction. You can use the one notched corner as a visual reference. Incorrectly stacked forms require additional handling prior to scanning and will delay processing. In extreme cases, we may refuse to score them until you or an assistant correct this.
  • (required) answer key(s). You will need to provide a set of answer keys bubbled in on the same UCF scantron forms that the students use. Any questions that you do not bubble in answers for, or any that are bubbled too lightly, will not be graded. If giving a quiz, test, or exam with multiple versions, each version must have the same total number of questions answered.
  • (required) a completed Request form. You can fill out a request form in advance and bring it with you, or we have some at our offices that you can fill out when you arrive to drop off your other test materials. A separate request form is required for each quiz, test, or class section.
  • (optional) a USB drive if you want copies of the report files. We are not permitted to send these files through email due to student privacy concerns.

Once we have finished processing your job request, please pick up your materials as soon as possible. Although the scores are uploaded to your gradebook, you should still pick up your materials as soon as possible because any forms with errors will not have their scores uploaded until you do it manually. This is especially important after final exams, because you will need to enter those scores before the grades due deadline. 

Any completed materials that have not been picked up before the end of Add/Drop of the following semester will be destroyed.

If you have submitted a job and have not received any notifications within two business days, please check your UCF Webcourses gradebook. If the scores are there, your request is complete and can be picked up at any time. Otherwise, please contact the Test Scoring Office by phone at 407-823-5493 or email for assistance.