Service Catalog

Service Catalog 2016-2017

The Service Catalog is a compilation of services UCF IT has to offer. It has been designed to define and categorize our service offerings with more accuracy than ever before while enhancing your understanding of what UCF IT can provide. Our purpose is to clearly and consistently describe the services and make it easy to identify which UCF IT services will better support you in reaching your goal. Each item includes a description, technical specifications, functionality, and price.  Additionally, the Service Catalog serves to facilitate communication between UCF IT and the UCF community, ultimately making it easier for customers to consume services from UCF IT.

Below are a list of the services offered by Organizational Unit, then by category. Clicking on a service entry will bring you to a page with details for the selected service. The prices are effective July 1, 2016-June 30, 2017.

Terms & Conditions
Terms and Conditions Document is a part of each Service Level Agreement that details the provisions, requirements, responsibilities and standards related to the services we offer. The Terms and Conditions document should be read and understood before signing the Service Level Agreement.  Before using the hosted Data Center service, customers are strongly advised to read through the Hosted Data Center Policies and Procedures.