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Customer Service is a critical success factor that this dashboard focuses on. Each KPI displayed is defined below. These KPIs are provided to reflect our transparency, success, and areas of improvement.

KPI Glossary

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Rating – Key performance indicator for overall customer service. CSAT is measured monthly with processes in place when a customer is not satisfied with their service or experience.

Follow-up % – If a customer feels we didn’t meet their expectations, a manager follows-up with them asking what they felt went wrong and what we can do to improve.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Success RateSLA success rate refers to the percentage of IT incidents and service requests resolved or fulfilled within the agreed SLA time. As part of the ITIL Continual Service Improvement core area, our SLA’s are reviewed and adjusted (when applicable) to align with changing business needs.

Change Success Rate – Measures the number of normal and emergency changes that were successful in relationship to the number of changes overall. Using this KPI, we are able to evaluate our unsuccessful changes, introduce corrective actions and achieve a higher percentage of successful change implementations.

Incidents and Requests Breached SLA agreements for requests and incidents have a target that let’s the customer and the IT provider know how long the ticket should take to complete (on average). If the ticket is opened longer than the target, it is considered breach. 

Incident and Service Request Throughput and BacklogThe number of tickets that are pending in the queue without resolution or fulfillment. This KPI provides insights into how teams are managing their existing and incoming demand.