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Within the Office of Strategy and Planning, the Performance and Service Management Office is strategically organized to implement and sustain best practice proven processes, configure the technology around those processes and in return obtain current, accurate and complete data to be able to measure, monitor, analyze and report results for UCF IT. 


Scott Baron
Associate Director, Performance & Service Management

Greg Cain
Applications Programmer III

Hector Polit
Information Technology Analyst III

Holly Oleske
Information Technology Analyst III

Chris Martineau
Applications Programmer IV

Priscilla Camp
Business Intelligence & Analytics Specialist II

Damian Alderman
Applications Programmer II


Using people, process and technology as the critical success factor for organizational success, the team has been structured by these three functions:

Each of these functions work together through the people, process, and technology model.  In order for the Performance and Service Management Office to effectively contribute to the UCF IT mission, focus must start with the people. Processes and technology mean nothing without ensuring the right people are informed and support the vision. The Performance and Service Management Office strives to prioritize support and acceptance before making any decisions that could have an impact to its stakeholders. In order for processes and technology to work, the people using them must have confidence in them.

The Performance and Service Management Office’s purpose is to guide UCF IT staff to use best practice, proven processes and technology that enable them to deliver a unified service management approach. In parallel, while these processes are being practiced, the related data is being used to translate UCF IT’s objectives into results.

Team Initiatives

  • Increase our ITIL Maturity Processes
  • Provide Enhanced ITSM Solutions that Improve the Customer Experience
  • Provide Actionable Information and Improved Enterprise IT Decision Making