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Below you will find commonly asked questions regarding our project management office and its operations.

A project is defined as a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product or service. Projects are different from other ongoing operations in an organization, because unlike operations, projects have a definite beginning and an end – they have a limited duration.

Use the New Project Request link below and also from the PMO website.

The PMO is notified that the request has been submitted and all requests entered are reviewed weekly by the PMO Manager and Business Analysts.  A Strategic Score is derived to assist in the prioritization of the project and determine if the request will become a PMO Managed, Team Managed or Operational project.  The PMO Business Analyst is assigned to begin the BA work (Project Scope, Technical Requirements and Functional Requirements) in conjunction with the Project Requestor and other project stakeholders

Business Analysis is the practice of enabling change by defining needs and recommending solutions that deliver value to stakeholders.  A Business Analyst works with stakeholders to define requirements, shape project outputs and drive intended business outcomes. Typical responsibilities include: Identifying the business problem and the impact of the proposed solution on the organization’s operations. Document the complex areas of project scope, objectives, added value or benefit expectations, using specialized analysis and modeling techniques. Evaluating customer business needs and translating business objectives into system requirements. Liaise with major customers during preliminary installation and testing of new products and services.

A Project Manager ensures customers are satisfied that the defined project scope is completed in a quality manner, within budget, and on time. The PM provides leadership in planning, organizing, and controlling the complex project activities. The PM collaborates with technical managers and a Project Team Lead to determine resource requirements, develop the schedule, and gain their commitment.  The PM also provides timely and accurate communications and reporting to stakeholders.

UCF IT categorizes projects to focus on risk mitigation.  PMO Managed projects are those with high uncertainty, high risk or both.  These projects will have a PM that is actively involved in the project lifecycle.  Team Managed projects are those with low uncertainty and low risk.  The Resource Managers managing the teams doing the work will lead the projects, manage the resources, and report on progress (with the assistance of the PMO if needed).

Operational work is defined as Break/Fix responsibilities, small iterative efforts, consultation for potential roadmap work, work to improve your department processes or keep your department running, etc.  This time should not be considered available time for PMO or Team Managed work for a resource.