Business Relationship Management

In order to carry out our mission to "support UCF's mission and goals by providing reliable, dynamic and innovative IT services", UCF IT has developed a Business Relationship Management role. Business Relationship Management is the process that enables Business Relationship Managers (BRM) to provide links between UCF IT and the colleges and divisions at the strategic and tactical levels.  The BRMs strive to understand the college and division strategies and goals to ensure UCF IT services are in alignment.

Below is a list of the UCF IT BRMs and the areas they represent.  If your area is not listed, please contact Joseph Alcala at for assistance.

Richard Caldwell

Richard Caldwell
College of Business Administration, College of Sciences


Richard Caldwell

Craig Froehlich
Student Development and Enrollment Services, UCF Foundation, UCF Human Resources


Richard Caldwell

Bryce Jackson
College of Arts & Humanities, College of Undergraduate Studies


Richard Caldwell

Larry Jaffe
College of Community Innovation and Education, UCF Downtown


Richard Caldwell

Joel Lavoie
UCF Libraries, Digital Learning, Office of Instructional Resources, UCF Connect


Richard Caldwell

Bryan Sevinger
College of Health Professions and Sciences, Student Health Services