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Enterprise Application Development (EAD) is responsible for enterprise computer programs and data processing applications for University administration and academic departments. We develop, implement, maintain, and enhance computer applications and work closely with Oracle to provide staff and faculty access to archives. We also provide multiple enterprise modules and applications to support the University of Central Florida’s students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors.

Enterprise Application & Development provides multiple enterprise modules and applications to support the University of Central Florida’s students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors.

EAD Organizational Teams

The EAD unit follows the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodology when developing computer programs and applications for the UCF community.


Our Business Analysts serve as functional technical liaisons between end-users and programmers to ensure computer applications and modifications meet the specific business needs and requirements. They begin each project life cycle with planning, analysis, and design with the customer. After our Programmers complete the implementation phase, testing is then completed by the Business Analysts and customer and the end product is moved into a production environment.


Our Programmers begin the implementation phase after receiving client information from our Business Analysts. This phase is completed with development and integration using multiple programming languages such as Cobol, SQR, SQL, etc. Ongoing maintenance with our products is an important step to making sure our enterprise modules and applications work effectively and efficiently.


EAD is comprised of PeopleSoft application development teams, which include Enterprise Imaging Systems (EIS). The EIS team aims to reduce paper usage through ViewStar, an electronic document imaging management system. EIS oversees the operation of ViewStar and its applications that allow customers with active accounts to access and manage their electronic documents.

EAD Products

EAD is responsible for the following products:


PeopleSoft HRMS and Campus Solutions is a comprehensive suite of software specifically designed for the changing needs of higher education institutions. It is the only administrative application available today that provides students, alumni, faculty, and staff immediate access to real-time information and connects that information to specific action.


PeopleSoft CRM application is a separate product and database from PeopleSoft Student Administration and Human Resources System (SA/HR), but the two programs will share integration points enabling the passage of data. It is designed to allow colleges and universities the ability to manage the entire student experience across all phases of the relationship life cycle, including student prospecting, recruitment, admissions, retention, continuing education, fundraising, and alumni relations.

Enterprise Imaging Systems (EIS)


GT eFormsTM is a bolt-on electronic forms toolset for PeopleSoft applications. The toolset provides a flexible framework for developing electronic forms and simplifying business processes. Currently, UCF offers five personnel action electronic forms that route from departments to the Office of Human Resources. Additional UCF paper forms will be converted into electronic versions in Fall 2009.