InformaCast IP Paging and Emergency Notification System

InformaCast IP Paging and Emergency Notification System


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InformaCast is a software solution that transforms devices on your network into a powerful system for IP paging and emergency alerting. It integrates easily with Cisco phones overhead speakers, strobes, panic buttons, and more to increase the speed, reach, and success rate of your emergency alerts.

Cisco Phone Alerts

InformaCast can send audio and text alerts to groups of Cisco IP phones. You can send an alert through the InformaCast user interface or by picking up a phone, dialing the designated extension, and speaking.

IP Speaker Alerts

InformaCast can send audio and/or scrolling text alerts to IP speakers and clocks on your network. You can choose to send alerts to all the speakers on your network or just the ones located in specific buildings, wings, or floors.

Analog Speaker Alerts

InformaCast can integrate with your existing analog speakers so you don’t have to replace them. When you configure your existing analog paging zones using InformaCast’s Legacy Paging Interface, you can add these zones as recipients of InformaCast alerts.

Panic Button Alerts

InformaCast can integrate with panic buttons to make triggering emergency alerts fast and easy. You can place a panic button in any room or conceal it under a desk to serve as a discreet call button for your reception staff. When someone pushes the button, a pre-recorded InformaCast alert will go to designated devices.

Computer Pop-Up Alerts

InformaCast can send text and audio alerts to computer workstations. The alerts appear in a pop-up window that you can customize with your company’s

logo and color(s). InformaCast also provides the option for people to respond.

Alerts to Many Devices

InformaCast makes it easy to send an alert to many different devices at the same time. This layered approach increases the odds that people receive your

alert and get important information they need during an emergency.

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Which Types of Alerts Can You Send with InformaCast?

Live, Audio Alerts

Audio alerts that are delivered in real time as you speak. You can initiate this type of alert by pressing a button or dialing an extension on a Cisco IP phone. The alert is delivered to preconfigured groups of Cisco IP phones.

Adhoc Audio Alerts

Audio alerts that are recorded live, but not delivered until you’re satisfied and you trigger the alert to go out. You can re-record as many times as you’d like.

Pre-Recorded Audio and Text Alerts

Audio and text alerts that are created during a non-critical time. You can assign groups of devices that you want to receive these alerts, set how you’d like someone to be able to trigger

these alerts, and save them in the system. They’ll then be available for quick and easy delivery during an emergency situation.

Digital Signage Alerts

InformaCast can send alerts to digital signage displays to supplement other types of alerts. It’s also a great way to make alerts accessible for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Alerts to Two-Way Police/Security Radios

InformaCast can send alerts to groups of police/security radios when you need to notify law enforcement or



URL Triggers to Third Party Applications

InformaCast can reach a third party application via a URL. This feature is typically used when the third party application has an API that can accept an inbound HTTP trigger from InformaCast. For example, InformaCast activates an IP-enabled security system by making an API REST call via a URL.

Custom Java and JavaScript Integrations

You can build a custom Java/JavaScript integration by creating a script file containing code that can participate at various phases of the broadcast. The integration can be deep—relaying audio associated with the broadcast—or simple. This depends on how much code is written, and how much of the exposed interface is used.

Inbound and Outbound Application Programming Interface (API)

You can configure InformaCast to remotely monitor and/or trigger systems and devices on the network via InformaCast’s open API.

Integration with Facility Systems and Devices InformaCast can integrate with facility systems and devices via contact closure (machine-to-machine) configuration.

With this configuration, an outgoing InformaCast alert can trigger an action. For example, a school administrator sends a lockdown alert and InformaCast automatically triggers the electronic door lock system to lock all interior doors.

It can also work the other way around, with an event triggering an InformaCast alert. For example, there’s a fire in your building and someone pulls the fire alarm. InformaCast sends an alert with evacuation procedures to all IP speakers in your facility.





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