UCF IT Transition Team Update November 2016

The focus of the UCF IT Transition Team this past month continued to be on the UCF IT Support Center and the UCF IT Application Delivery functions. These are the final two remaining functional areas that will have staff transitioning to UCF IT. While the Support Center staff is transitioning into UCF IT this month, the Application Delivery transition discussions are just getting started.

Planning and buildout of the UCF IT Support Center continues. Here is the latest on a few key initiatives:

  • Over 60 folks providing end-user support throughout Cohort 1 transitioned into UCF IT on 11/4. For them on day 1 not much changes; they will still be responsible for providing support for the colleges and divisions from which they came. Within the next few months most will be involved in shaping the UCF IT Support Center, with some staff transitioning to the Office of Instructional Resources to assist with multimedia room (classroom) support.
  • A new Self-Service Portal will be available to Student Development and Enrollment Services, the College of Sciences, and Computer Services and Telecommunications by 11/21.
  • Three student employees and one supervisor are now dedicated to the general information line (3-2000) enabling an enhanced focus on IT support issues for folks calling the current UCF Service Desk. Additionally we have invested in a product that offers Interactive Voice Response (IVR), where folks calling 3-2000 can say what they are looking for, and be transferred automatically. We expect IVR to be available before the end of November.

The UCF IT Application Delivery discussions continued this month a kick-off meeting was held on October 18th where all application management and development folks from across campus where invited to attend. Marc Cassidy, David Canova and Craig Froehlich shared some thoughts on how we might begin to organize these functions within UCF IT.

The next steps for Application Delivery include:

  • A follow up meeting to the kick-off to discuss ideas and questions that were brought up at the initial meeting.
  • Begin a data gathering process to understand what application management and delivery functions exist throughout campus today and how they are being managed.
  • Identify and form several working groups to begin to further explore the many topics related to this transition.

The search for the new VP and Associate CIO of UCF IT is still underway. Airport interviews were conducted on October 31st and November 1st. On-campus interviews are being conducted on November 7th, 8th and 16th with the top three candidates. The search committee is striving to have the search completed before the Thanksgiving break. For more information on the search please visit http://itr.ucf.edu/IT2020/.