UCF IT Transition Team February Update

A Message From Michael Sink
Greetings fellow Knights! I am delighted to be joining your team during this exciting transition as we create and cultivate our shared services enterprise, UCF IT. In the weeks preceding my arrival, I have been sincerely impressed with the significant planning, preparation and execution from the UCF IT Transition Team and those that have participated in laying the groundwork for the first cohort joining UCF IT.

UCF has unique needs and strategic tenets that will require careful consideration as we work to provide a service delivery model that effectively meets the needs of our students, faculty and staff. Together, we will continue to execute the plan for UCF IT, assess progress as we go, and adjust our course as needed.

In the coming days and weeks, I will be fully engaged in listening and learning from you to understand how I can best serve you and all the partners of UCF IT. I look forward to meeting everyone soon!

Best Regards,
Michael Sink

UCF IT Application Delivery Update
The transition team is making the final preparations for the transition of cohort 1 Application Delivery staff into UCF IT. The staff will move over on February 10th and the team is scheduling an orientation for early March.

Lori Clark and Jason Gilfoil are co-chairing the Application Support Workgroup. They have developed a template for gathering information about SaaS and hosted applications in use around campus. Over the coming weeks they will be reaching out to the campus IT community to assist in their data gathering effort.

Jordan Rogers and Chris Faustin are co-chairing the Application Development Workgroup. They have also been working on gathering information about custom developed applications across campus. In the coming weeks they will be looking at the project intake process in terms of application development and discussing application lifecycle management.

Cohort 2 Announcement
Dr. Hartman has been meeting with Deans and VPs across campus to identify the areas that will be part of cohort 2. As a result of those discussions, the following areas will be participating in cohort 2: Regional Campuses, the Office of Instructional Resources, the Office of Research and Commercialization, Center for Distributed Learning, University Libraries, the College of Graduate Studies, and the College of Undergraduate Studies. The UCF IT Transition Team is working on an onboarding document for the cohort 2 leaders that will be joining the effort. Cohort 2 will officially kick-off on February 24th.

Transition of remaining CS&T areas
The two remaining areas of CS&T that didn’t have any corresponding functions in cohort 1 will transition into UCF IT on February 10th. The Information Security Office and Telecommunications areas will become part of UCF IT and begin their transition efforts.

Our goal is to be as transparent and open as possible during this process. If you have any questions, concerns or ideas that you would like to pass along to the transition team, feel free to reach out to us directly. In addition to reaching out directly to the UCF IT Transition team, you can provide input via email at IT2020@ucf.edu, anonymously, or the UCF IT Forum Yammer Group.