Multi-Factor Authentication

The Information Security Office (ISO) and UCF IT are committed to protecting your personal information.  UCF IT implemented Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), which protects your personal information in the event your account password is compromised through cyber threats, such as phishing campaigns and computer malware.  If your account password is compromised, your information in myUCF, such as your direct deposit and W-2 tax information can be accessed and potentially modified resulting in identity theft.

A system protected with multi-factor authentication asks users to verify their identity two different ways during the login process.  For example, myUCF requires users to enter a password (the first factor) and use their smartphone to click an “approve” button or provide a passcode sent to a mobile phone (the second factor).  You must enroll in the MFA service before viewing or changing your Direct Deposit and W-2 information.

For instructions on enrolling in the MFA service, please use the “Get Started” and “How To Instruction” resources provided on this page.


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