Identity Details

NID (Network ID)

Your NID is formed from combining the first two letters of your first name with unique random numbers and is assigned when you are first entered into the UCF system. Your NID is yours for life and will never be assigned to another individual.

Your NID is used for logging on and gaining access to many University systems such as:

  • The portal
  • The UCF_WPA2 wireless network
  • The UCF Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Public computer labs managed by UCF IT including Technology Commons and Classroom Building 1
  • Applications that utilize single sign on capabilities

Your NID serves no other purpose than to authenticate you into UCF systems. However, it is VERY important that your NID not be shared and that the password be kept secure as anyone that gains access using your NID will have access to your data within the UCF system.

For more information on password security, please click here.

If you do not know your NID or need to reset your password, you can visit There, you can use the links provided to have your NID sent to an email address that you have previously registered with UCF or reset your NID password. If you have difficulty using the self-service tools or have additional questions, you can contact the UCF Service Desk using the information found here or you can visit the Technology Commons help desk located within the UCF Technology Commons .


Your UCFID is a unique random number that is assigned when you first enter the UCF system.  Like the NID, your UCFID is yours for life and will never be assigned to another individual.

Your UCFID is your primary identification number within the UCF system. This number is associated with your student or staff record that contains your personal information as well as grades, schedule, employment, payroll and other data that can be accessed through the portal. Your UCFID IS NOT used to log on to the portal or any other system at UCF, it is used only to identify you within the system.

You may use your UCFID when identifying yourself to someone accessing your student or staff records. For example, they may ask for your UCFID when scheduling an advising appointment, checking out a library book or when a staff member is working with HR. Your UCFID does not need to be closely guarded as any systems that utilize the ID will require an authorized NID and NID password to access.

As of June 1st, 2014, your UCFID number is printed on the front of your newly assigned UCF student / staff ID cards. In addition, you can visit for instructions on retrieving your UCFID through the portal.