Identity Management


As a UCF applicant, student, faculty, staff, non-paid appointment, sponsored account or alumni, you are assigned 2 unique identifiers, your NID and your UCFID. It is important to understand the difference between these two identities and when each is to be used.

NID Network ID (2 letters + random numbers) used for logging in to multiple systems on campus including portal, VPN, wireless and UCF IT managed computer labs. Your NID can be retrieved or the password reset using the links below.

UCFID Your UCFID is your primary identification number within UCF systems. This number is associated with your student or staff record that contains your personal information as well as grades, registration, advising, schedule, employment, payroll and other data. As of June 1st 2014, your UCFID is printed on the front of newly assigned UCF student / staff ID cards. In addition, there are instructions below for retrieving your UCFID using the portal.

NID and UCFID Details

Find your NID

Change your NID password
If you do not know your UCFID, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate your internet browser to
  2. Sign on using your NID and NID password. If you do not know your NID or need to reset your NID password, please visit
  3. Locate the Personal Information page
    • STUDENTS / ALUMNI: Under the myUCF menu, navigate to Student Self Service -> Personal Information -> UCFID Info
    • FACULTY / STAFF / APPOINTMENTS: Under the myUCF menu, navigate to Employee Self Service -> Personal Information -> UCFID Info
  4. Your UCFID, NID and UCF ID Card # information will be displayed.
  5. Please remember to SIGN OUT of the portal when you are done.