May Transition Update

Cohort 2 Transition Update

In the month of April, Cohort 2 met with many UCF IT units and the Office of Instructional Resources. The team spent much of April gathering information to start laying out the road map of joining UCF IT. There are a couple more meetings with different areas scheduled in early May. The groups that they met with in April included:

  • Telecommunications
  • Application Delivery
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Information Security
  • Service Desk, Learning Spaces and End User Services
  • Multimedia Support


As a reminder, Cohort 2 consists of seven areas with each area having a member on the transition team, they are: Center for Distributed Learning (Thomas Christensen), College of Graduate Studies (Brian Graham), College of Undergraduate Studies (Brian Strickland), Office of Instructional Resources (Cisco Espaillat), Office of Research and Commercialization (Shafaq Chaudhry), Regional Campuses (Aaron Misiano), and University Libraries (Joel Lavoie). If you have any questions, please reach out to any of these members or Larry Jaffe who is leading the Cohort 2 transition efforts.


ServiceNow Transition Update

Representatives from the Cohort 1 units have been meeting regularly to work on bringing the remaining units in Cohort 1 into ServiceNow (CEDHP, CAH, COHPA, COB).  As part of these discussions, they have been reviewing the existing requests and incidents and consolidating where appropriate.  The goal is to consolidate their processes into one incident or request per process.  The team is currently performing user acceptance testing and will be implementing ServiceNow for the remaining cohort 1 units in the coming weeks.


Our goal is to be as transparent and open as possible during the building of UCF IT. If you have any questions, concerns or ideas that you would like to pass along you are encouraged to do so.  You can reach out directly to any member of the transition team or you can provide input via email at IT2020@ucf.eduanonymously , or the UCF IT Forum Yammer Group.