April UCF IT Update

The Cohort 2 transition team had their kickoff meeting on March 6 to start the transition to UCF IT.  The following individuals are representing their respective areas on the team:

  • Thomas Christensen – Center for Distributed Learning
  • Brian Graham – College of Graduate Studies
  • Brian Strickland – College of Undergraduate Studies
  • CiscoEspaillat – Office of Instructional Resources
  • ShafaqChaudhry – Office of Research and Commercialization
  • AaronMisiano – Regional Campuses
  • Joel Lavoie – University Libraries


Cohort 2 will be meeting with many different areas of UCF IT in April and May to better understand the UCF IT structure. The information from these meetings will allow Cohort 2 to begin formulating a road map for their transition. If you are in one of the seven units in Cohort 2 and have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the representative of your area above or Larry Jaffe who is leading the Cohort 2 transition team.

Strategy and Planning Update
Under the direction of Aaron Streimish, Strategy and Planning has been working with the IT Strategic Governance Committee to finalize the strategic drivers which will be used in evaluating and prioritizing projects in the future.  These drivers were presented to the IT Strategic Governance Committee and the IT Professionals Committee in March. You can view the drivers on the UCF IT Forum in Yammer.


The Business Relationship Managers from the Cohort 1 transition team are setting up UCF IT Roadshows with the leadership of the areas they represent.  At these road shows,  the BRM and Mike Sink will be presenting a UCF IT update and discussing the new role of the BRM.  This will give Mike an opportunity to meet the leadership in each area and set the stage for maturing the BRM processes within UCF IT.

Infrastructure Services Update
Infrastructure Services is continuing to collaborate with the Support Center and Application Delivery initiatives.  One prevalent theme to emerge is working together to leverage Support Center staff to accomplish tasks that don’t necessarily need a senior level system administrator.  One example would be updating AD groups.  This type of rebalancing of work will assist UCF IT in reaching the operational efficiencies necessary to achieve our vision.


Some other ongoing notable activities in infrastructure:

  • Standardizing our AD and Azure architectures and presenting them to the appropriate stakeholders
  • Migration of DHCP services to UCF IT DHCP servers for two Cohort 1 units,CBA and SDES
  • Completion of the hardware setup for the ERP virtualization project, producing promising results with the new architecture

Our goal is to be as transparent and open as possible during the building of UCF IT. If you have any questions, concerns or ideas that you would like to pass along you are encouraged to do so.  You can reach out directly to any member of the transition team or you can provide input via email at IT2020@ucf.eduanonymously , or the UCF IT Forum Yammer Group.